Grizzly News

New Millswood Office Phone #'s:

Front Office: (209) 331-8333       Attendance: (209) 331-8332      
Spanish: (209) 331-2041   

Grizzly Green Anti-Bullying Week:  Novermber 17 - 21

Monday:                   Paint Your Pinky "GREEN"

Tuesday:                  Anti-Bullying Classroom Skits

Wednesday:             Anti-Bullying Green Stickers

Thursday:                Pledge Signature:  Stand Up to Bullying

Friday:                     Wear Green:  Show We are Against Bullying

Wishing You a Safe Thanksgiving Break 
School Closed 11/24 - 28


2015/2016 IDA Open Enrollment: Forms will be available beginning December 1, 2014 for students wanting to enroll outside of their attendance area. Forms must be turned in to the Millswood office by Friday, January 30, 2015 @ 3:00pm to be considered. Millswood students who are currently on an IDA, do not need to fill out another one for 8th grade.

Incoming 6th Graders:  Orientation plans are in the works, please watch for dates/details in late February.

Math & Language Arts Tutoring

Millswood offers many interventions to help students be successful. Afterschool on Tuesday and Thursday, small group tutoring in Math and Language Arts is offered from 2:30 - 3:30pm.  Please contact Mr. Rogers to get more information and get signed up for the extra help in these subjects.

Math Helps!

Connected Mathematics Project (CMP)
Website for Families

CMP is a problem-centered math curriculum. This means that mathematical concepts are embedded in sequenced sets of interesting tasks. Students record the learning of mathematical ideas, procedures, and vocabulary in notebooks. The notebook becomes a valuable resource for students with notes, vocabulary explanations, and worked examples for future reference. Additionally, Michigan State University website offers a wealth of CMP support for families:

Home >> Families >>                       

Core Values

1. Academics - We excellence, hard work, doing our personal best, taking responsibility, and never giving up.

2. Attendance - We stand for...."being there", dependability, reliability, and showing up on time.

3. Behavior - We stand for...strong character, integrity, doing the right thing, and walking in our strength and not our weakness.

4. Citizenship - We stand for ....respecting others, our school, and ourselves.

5. Sportsmanship - We stand for many and we stand for one. We believe in supporting each other and cheering each other on.


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Homework Help - Lodi Public Library

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