About Us

Millswood Middle School was built and opened in 2004. It services approximately 850 seventh and eighth grade students on a modified traditional calendar. It operates on a 6 period day with classes including ELA, history, science, math, PE and exploratory. Exploratory courses include READ 180, AVID (Advanced via Individual Determination), Band, Strings, Choir, Ukulele, Spanish, Dance, STEM, Drama, Art History, and Leadership.

Millswood offers special education services to students who qualify. There is a resource specialist program and a full time resource specialist teacher for each grade level operating in study skills, team teaching, and direct specialized academic instruction. There is a special day class program as well as a structured autism program. Millswood also has a strong honors level program in all core subject areas to provide extended and more in depth learning opportunities for our GATE and advanced students.

Millswood hosts a three hour after school program, Bridge, servicing over 100 students. During the first Academic Hour, the Bridge Program and Millswood’s teachers provide tutoring and homework help. The second and third hours offer a variety of team sports, as well as recreational and co-curricular activities. Millswood offers 18 co-curricular clubs. This includes Builders Club, CJSF, Japanese Club, Tech Club, Art club, Lego Club, Kindness Rocks Club and more. Every morning we have 30 minutes of academic support available to students. This is known as Mission Zero, zero missing assignments, zero excuses. Every day after school Millswood has 3 classrooms available for students to receive tutoring support.

We have additional SEL and mental health support and coaching 2 days a week for direct services to students. One day per week we have a gang intervention coach to assist support our students. Our two grade level counselors offer support groups to address anxiety, depression, and loss.

Mission Statement
The goal of Millswood Middle School is to provide the best possible education in a safe and caring environment for all Millswood students. The educational program, which addresses intellectual, personal, physical and social development, allows students to the opportunity to reach their full potential. The staff strives to provide experiences in a setting where students, staff, and parents work together in a climate which is safe, accepting, open, caring, and trusting for all students. Our students will be prepared for high school and beyond.
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