• 7th Grade Parents/Guardians, if your student earned less than a 2.0 GPA last quarter, please click here to make a Zoom appointment with Mrs. Gonzalez. Simply pick the time slot that works best for you, type your student's name in the "What" line, and click "Save." Mrs. Gonzalez will follow up by emailing you a Zoom link.


  • Counseling Appointment Request
    Complete the Counseling Appointment Request form if you would like to speak with your counselor.
  • Grizzly Care Form
    If you are concerned about another student on campus, please submit the Grizzly Care Form so that their counselor can get them the support they need.
  • Calculating GPA Worksheet
    Keep in mind that you have to maintain at least a 1.5 GPA throughout your time at Millswood in order to participate in the 8th grade promotion. This worksheet gives you information on how to calculate your GPA.
  • Tutoring Schedule
    If you are having difficulty with class material, we would encourage you to attend SSR or tutoring after school.
  • Please see your counselor's Google Classroom for many more resources!